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Greetings all! Thank you to everyone who has come out to the shows so far! Colorado shows were tremendous and it looks like we will be back at least a couple of more times before 2024 is over. Buck’s Backyard was amazing and we can’t wait to be back! More shows are being added in June and July. August will see VagabLonde ROCKING  Grandbury Texas for the first time and returning to Barnhill Winery in Anna, Texas! We close out the labor day weekend with great shows in New Mexico and Lubbock Texas! Stay tuned! We can’t wait to see every single one of you. Thank you those who have also bought the cool Vic Vaga merchandise. See you soon! Cheers!

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How it all started...

People Get Ready for Vic Vaga’s DYNAMITE tribute to Rod The Mod Stewart! Every Story Paints A Picture. Here is Vic’s story as he remembers it… “Ever since I was a kid at school,  I messed around with all the rules” (*1) One day whilst napping during a high school study hall period some lads behaving foolishly put wads of chewing gum in my hair. This led to a rumble and tumble however it also led to a shaggy do after said gum had to be snipped out. The days of combing my hair a thousand ways standing in front of my mirror were over! The new tossled spike was here to stay. Since then I have heard more often than not that I was quite the doppelgänger of many a Rock-n-Roll legend. I had not yet fallen into a can of blonde paint so I immediately was called “Steve Perry” of Journey fame or Ronnie Wood. While rockers saw Woody, the college girls of the 80’s saw Rod. So one Halloween night, I went to the corner drugstore, bought some blonde hair dye spray, emptied the can on my shaggy head, went to a party as Rod Stewart and discovered indeed that Blondes Do Have More Fun!… After countless Halloween costume contests victories, I decided to put the Roddy look to work and see where it would take me. It’s been Never A Dull Moment ever since! If you have time for the rest of the story in more detail, please click here

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Trudy Taphorn, TCB Rock n Roll Legends, AB Canada

“Amazing look! Fantastic show! Working with Vic has been an incredible experience"

Hector Saldana, Entertainment Editor SA Express News, San Antonio TX

"Vaga's rasp, blonde rooster cut hair and attitude were dead on. His set list reflected a balance between The Faces era, Stewart's early solo days and his smoothed out time as a rock star sex symbol"

Claire Robertson, Client, Port Glasgow, UK

“If you don't book this man, you're missing something very special! He is the ultimate professional and a true gentleman. Not only did he perform, he took time to chat with our guests, pose for as many photos as we wanted and generally was the loveliest person ever!


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